Good Reads

One of the highlights of driving around during furlough was getting to read a few books for personal growth and enrichment. First, my travel companions and I read through Orphanology This book provides a biblical perspective on how the church can care for orphans in their community and around the world. It was a challenging and encouraging read.

A second read was a quick pick from a book store we raided as we passed through Lafayette, IN. The book is called Shopping for Time by Carolyn Mahaney, Nichole Whitacre, Kristin Chesemore, and Janelle Bradshaw.

The authors had me at the teaser paragraph on the back cover, “Overwhelmed. Miserable. Exhausted. These are the words that women often use to describe their busy lifestyles. How can you keep up with all the demands of work, family, and ministry? Carolyn Mahaney and her three daughters offer biblical hope to women who truly desire to glorify God with their time.” The book did not disappoint. By reminding me of biblical priorities, offering camaraderie in the challenges of balancing life we all face, and continually pointing to examples who have done it well, it refreshed by heart. I’m looking forward to implementing the advice found here and rereading it again in a few months to find a couple more ways to grow in my stewardship of the gift of time God has given.

By the way- don’t use the “I don’t have enough time to read a book” excuse on this one… It’s only 96 pages long including title pages and footnotes. 🙂

Up next… A Passion for the Fatherless  by Daniel J. Bennet

For years I have used the “no time for reading” excuse. I’m thankful I’ve been challenged to put away that excuse and read books again- for fun and for sharpening. All it takes is finishing one page at a time and the rewards far surpass the time invested.


Well, we are one day into term 3. What word describes today? H E C T I C! The day started with numerous children in the office for a bit and phone calls… So many phone calls! Thankfully, God has supplied help for the office for a bit. Alison, an intern from Faith Baptist Bible College is helping out in the office and did a ton to keep things moving today.

Our after school staff meeting was full of laughter and getting back on the same page organizationally.

Tomorrow is day two… Are we ready? Time will tell!

Please pray for students to learn to love the Lord, accept salvation, and learn to treasure His Word during this week!

Settling in 

Just a few pics from the first few days back in South Africa!

Thank you for your support and encouragement while I was in the States. I wish I could have visited with each one of you while there personally, but am thankful for the many family members, friends, and church families I was able to see. 

Thank you for praying as I arrived back and hit the ground running. As always, God proved Himself faithful through unexpected challenges along the way. He is good!


Ziva and Addy enjoying a cool evening together. 


Back to school means back to soccer at recess!